Thursday, May 30, 2013

Carrying Me

Why do I want this?

Why do I want you to lead me?

It's not that I want you to hurt me. 

And I hate it when I disappoint you.

But when I feel your strength, you make me feel that you've "Got me." I can trust you. You are my protector.

image from Survivortoday

It was like that day we met and you stepped up as a gentleman. I was in the middle of a nasty, menial job and you stopped me. You protected me and said, "You shouldn't have to do this. I've got it."

That was the day I began to fall in love with you.

I don't want you to hurt me. I never did. I love your gentle touch. I love your kind heart and tender spirit. I love that about you, you know. You are a real man, because you balance your strength and gentleness so well.

But when you take me in hand, and I feel that ultimate display of dominance, it cleanses me. It reaffirms your strength.

It's like when you take something heavy from my hands and tell me, "let me carry this for you."

image from dailyedge

When you lead me, I feel so secure and safe. 

I know it's not easy for you. Oh, how I know this. But you do so well. You try so hard. And I love that about you. I don't want you to think you are any less than perfect for me. You are not perfect and I am not perfect but we are perfect for each other.

Do you remember how a few weeks ago you swept me into your arms? I loved that. Being held by you.

I felt girly, and shy, and safe.

This is how I feel when you carry me with your words and actions.

When you say, "Be safe."

"I've got you."

"Don't worry about it."

"Trust me."

You lift that heavy burden. You carry me.

And I trust you.

Image from stuffpoint


  1. This is beautiful and so true!!! It's the most intense kind of loving!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oops. I'm new at this, didn't mean to delete the comment. lol I agree it is the most intense kind of loving!

  2. This is so thoughtful and beautiful!

  3. I read your blog every night before I go to sleep because it calms me and helps me to feel love. Every entry expresses pure love and it makes me happy. It shows me what is possible for my love and I and it give me hope. You are such a wonderful writter to be able to write words that give me the same feeling of love that I have when I hold my love in my arms. Thank you.

  4. Kat, and Mark, thank you for your kind comments. Mark, you don't have long to wait now!


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