Friday, May 31, 2013

We laugh, because we're secure.

Yes, when I've done something I shouldn't do, I've given full consent to my loving husband to spank me.

And, no. Being spanked for punishment is not funny.

But do we ever laugh and tease?


Now, it has to be said, I like me a good girl spanking. I really, really like me a good girl spanking.

I've read DD blogs that said things like, "This blog is about domestic discipline. If you've come here because you think spanking is fun, you've come to the wrong place. This is serious business."

Yeah...not here. Being punished is not fun, true. But we like to laugh and joke, and there's a time and a place for a fun spanking. Frankly, I think the fact that there is a time and place for a playful spanking make the punishment ones more effective.

There's nothing sexier than when my Jason comes up to me from behind, wraps his arms around me, and whispers, "Does somebody need a spanking?"

Oh, my. 

"Yes, please!" I melt into a puddle, and the man knows it. He's damn good at dishing out those good girl spankings, and it's so freaking hot.

But let's face it. There's something outrageous about a full grown woman over her husband's lap. 

We're adults. But we are adults who love each other to pieces. We laugh, we tease, we banter back and forth. I live for playful banter. 

The other day, we were getting ready. He was lying in bed reading, and I said something saucy, but just teasing.

"What did you say?" he asked, and I gave a big, exaggerated sigh.

"Oh, I'm just being naughty," I said, and I unceremoniously plunked myself over his lap. Deep sigh. "I guess you'll just have to spank me." With a big grin and a loud wallop, he had me giggling like a little school girl. 

Have I mentioned playful spankings are hot?

The other night I was sitting with my laptop, and Jason had a new cover for his kindle. It makes this delightful little slapping sound when he shuts it. He met my eyes across the room, lifted the cover, and let it slap. He gave me a wicked, mischievous grin, lifted the cover and let it slap again. 

I squirmed, embarrassed, bashful, and feeling a few other things. I knew exactly what he was doing. He was teasing me. I love when he teases me.

This lifestyle is challenging. It is daily work, submitting, loving, and learning.

If we can't joke and laugh with each other, we've stripped ourselves of the fiber of who we are. We've made it what we do, not who we are. 

It doesn't mean we don't take each other seriously. It actually means quite the opposite.

It means we are secure in each other. 


  1. I cant begin to explain how much I loooove this post. The playfunless and the sillyness is what gets us through all the serious times. Its my favorite part of our relationship and I think its sooo important to be able tolaugh with each other. :)

    1. Kenzie, I completely agree! It sounds like you and Colin are a lot like me and Jason. ;)

  2. I love this post! We get to have a mutual "snarky day" usually once every couple of weeks, but we still have our times during the week that are playful and fun. Do I like having the fun goosing I get as I walk down the hall or walk past "T"? You betcha! I think I show him your post and maybe he'll get some added ideas! hehehehe!


    1. Kat, you may be interested in an upcoming post on "fun" spanking. Might give T even more ideas. ;)

  3. I soo love this blog and this post, like the others, show the depth of your love for each other. My girlfriend and I also like a playfull spanking. Reading other DD sites I was afraid we'd have to give those up. I see now that where there is true love and trust, we can enjoy each other however we choose. Thank you again.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Dd can bring a couple so close. The playfulness is a part of that for sure!

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