Saturday, June 15, 2013

A good spanking and a good laugh

This week was quite a week. 

There was uncertainty, and hurt, and the reaffirmation of love.

But in the end, we were brought closer together. 

I could be spanked every day and not tire of it. I love a good girl spanking, but it just doesn't satisfy my need for dominance the way a good role affirmation or punishment spanking does. 

The other night...after Jason and I moved past a major bump in the road, and I ended up over his lap, I got a good, hard spanking. 

Quite honestly, it was just what the doctor ordered. I know many of my readers, if not most, will completely understand this. 

The next day, I sure as hell felt the after effects of that spanking and was quite convinced that I would never misbehave again. I even told Jason, "Crap, if you spanked me like that every time, I don't think I'd ever do anything wrong again." 

Well, that feeling lasted about two days. And then I was back in my place of questioning. Feeling antsy again. Wanting to feel his dominance. Wavering. 

I was frustrated with myself. Again? Really? Couldn't I just accept the fact that my man loved me, would spank my bottom when I needed it, and move on? 

In the past, I would do one of two things. I would push that feeling down, down, down, feeling like there must be something wrong with me. And I would probably grow irritable and maybe brat out, which may or may not result in a spanking. 

Or, I would demand a spanking. But my demands were becoming more frequent, more needy.

But after this week, I wanted to do neither. One felt manipulative, and one felt pushy. I'm not saying either of those behaviors are always manipulative or pushy, but for me and for him, they would be.

I decided it would be best to just tell him where I was, ask him what to do, and then do whatever he asked of me. Isn't this what submission is all about?

So I snuggled up to him. He was watching a movie in bed. 

"Honey, I have a problem," I whispered. 


"'s been two days since you spanked me and I've felt fine, but now...well...I'm starting to get that uncertain feeling again." 

"Oh yeah?" he said, and then in his stern tone, he asked, "Did you do anything wrong today?"

Let the record the interest of being honest...I don't know if my Jason has any idea how hot he is when he is stern with me. Crap.

Or maybe he does.

My eyes widened and I looked at him innocently. "No!" I said. 

I really had tried to be a good girl all day.

He continued in his stern tone. "Did you get what I asked you to get at the store? You know, you promised you'd pick up those vitamins I need?" 

My mouth formed a perfect little "o." Hadn't even thought of them until now. 

"No," I said sheepishly. 

"What about locking the car? Didn't I ask you to lock the car and you forgot?"

Gulp. "Yes."

"Well, then, looks like I'm going to have to give you a spanking tonight."

I snuggled up next to him, feeling that strange mix of apprehension and reassurance that the certainty of an impending spanking brings. 

When it was time, he smiled at me, and took out the hairbrush. 

"Over my lap," he ordered. I obeyed, knowing already it would hurt but it wouldn't be the worst I'd ever gotten. He didn't have that "you are so gonna get it" look on his face, he had that "I'm giving you what you need" look.

I'd take even a small spanking that would show me who was in charge, and push that nervous anxiety right out the window, just wanting to know he still had me.

He gave me a good, thorough spanking, lecturing me about the importance of doing what I was told and being a good girl who obeyed him. I nodded, murmuring my answers to the questions he asked, questions like, "Will you do as you're told?" and "Will you do better tomorrow?"

I was happily back in my submissive place, over my man's lap.

He held me when he was done. And then he started laughing. 

I looked up at him...the fact that he had just delivered a thorough spanking and was now laughing was incredibly assuring to me after the week we had. 

That he could give me what I needed and we could still laugh about it. 

In a silly voice he said, "There's a spanking at the end of this book." 

"What?" I giggled, as he pulled up my pajama bottoms and patted my bottom as I snuggled against him. 

He began a parody of "There's a Monster at the end of this book," the book he reads to our daughter every night, in which Grover warns not to turn the pages because there's a monster at the end of this book, but in the end the monster is Grover. 

"Don't turn the page!" Jason said in a Grover voice, "because if you do...there's a spanking at the end of this book!" 

He let the brush fall on my bottom, and I giggled. 

"If you turn this might find a hairbrush. But you don't want to find that hairbrush, because if you do...." said the silly Grover voice.


"There's a spanking at the end of this book!"

I laughed so hard as he told me the story, punctuating his lines with playful swats of the brush, and then I lay secure in his arms. 

My bottom still hurt from the spanking, but it was reassuring. I was still giggling from the "story" he told me. And I felt safe laying next to him. 

It's amazing what a good spanking and a good laugh can do. One step more towards bringing us closer together.


  1. JG,
    I am so happy I love this post so much. Sounds like Jason knows exactly how to "handle" u.

  2. The love you two share is true love and its beautiful. You fill me with hope.

  3. This is freakin' adorable! I'm glad you got the spanking you needed, and i'm glad you both got such a good laugh, because that usually cures just about everything. :)

  4. I love this one! I'm so,glad you got thru your rough week.



  5. I'm so happy things are going well for the two of you. I wrote you a PM some days back but I got kicked out and lost it! Just wanted to give you some support since you we're there for me (on the forum).


  6. Thanks so much! I am so blessed to have the support of all of you! Even I look back at this post and smile. It's been a good weekend. :)

  7. you two seem to have a great relationship and that is great that you can let him know what you are feeling and he knows how to give you just what you need and doesn't feel put out in any way

  8. That is one of my favorite books to read to my children! :)

  9. Gosh, your Jason can be very sweet. :)

  10. He can indeed. Love that mix of stern and sweet. :)


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