Thursday, June 20, 2013

A relaxation spanking? Yes, please.

When I first stumbled upon this thing called...spanking...I started reading about the fun kind. You know, the erotic type of spanking loving couples could incorporate into the bedroom otherwise known as Good Girl Spankings. Oh, boy, did that ever sound fun. Jason was game...and was it ever hot. Hmm, I shouldn't use the past tense there...we still think it's freakin' hot.

I came upon a website on Domestic Discipline and immediately dismissed it as archaic, old-school, and oh so not for me until that day when my husband decided otherwise. 

Snicker. I know, I know. I stand corrected.

But upon my stumbling into this sub-culture that I'd been unaware of and was completely fascinated by, I read an article on stress-relief spanking. 

Allow me to preface this by saying my job is fairly high demanding. I don't like to post too many particulars about my life on my blog, but I will say I am constantly juggling one thing after another. I'm a busy mom. I work. I have a house to maintain. You know the deal. 

There are days when I am stressed beyond belief. 

Wow. This whole concept of a spanking that would center me was fascinating. I was completely intrigued. So, I told my husband.

I still remember I was washing dishes after dinner, and he was walking through the kitchen. 

"Hey," I said in a low voice. He stopped and raised his eyebrows. 


"I'm um...feeling kinda..." I pinched my fingers together and twisted them in front of my chest. "You know? Like I have on my chest and I just...."

He looked at me and put his arm around me. 


"Oh yeah."

He rubbed my back.

I figured I'd just tell him what I wanted. "So do you can give me one of those stress relief spankings?"

"What's that?"

"'s like a sexy spanking...but really not just for sex. Like, we don't have to have sex after. It's just so I get let go of all this..." and I put my fingers together and tapped my chest again. 

He shrugged and smiled. "Ok, honey," he said, and he went on his merry way with a smile. 

I continued about my way, already feeling a bit relieved, knowing all my stress would be gone soon. 

Later that night, he lay in bed reading. 

"Ready for your spanking?" he asked with a smile, and I eagerly nodded, feeling my heart pounding, but eager to feel his dominance. 

I stretched myself across his lap and got comfy, lying my head on my arms on the bed. I sighed. He began with slow, stinging swats, a few seconds between each one, pausing to rub every few swats and talk gently to me. It did hurt, but nothing like a punishment spanking. Although I find his dominance hot, this wasn't a sexy spanking. It was purely, 100% cathartic, like sipping good wine, or soaking in a hot bath. I felt that knot in my chest leaving, and relaxation settling like a blanket over me. 

He spanked me for a long time. I'd say it was at least 100 swats or maybe even more, and when finally I pulled myself off his lap and lay on his chest, he asked me if I was done.

"You sure you're okay now?" he asked. "I could've kept going and going there."

"Nooo," I murmured, almost asleep I was so relaxed and at peace. "I'm okay now. And that was wonderful." 

He hugged me and kissed my forehead. "I'm so glad," he said. 

And that was when I discovered that yes, indeed, a relaxation spanking can be a beautiful thing. For months, I asked for them, and now I just tell him. "I'm stressed," or "I'm so overwhelmed," I say, and he knows exactly what I need.


  1. A man that appreciates a woman of few words.

  2. This is wonderful! I think the end, where you mention how you used to ask for them all the time, but then you'd just say you're stressed, and he'd automatically know what you mean - says it all. It's a perfect example of how, yes, sometimes we might have to come out and ASK for it, but then they'll end up knowing exactly what we need. Whereas, if we're quiet, and don't say anything, keep it all bottled up, it won't lead anywhere. Great post.

  3. Exactly, Kenzie...mind reading isn't a gift many have, but it's amazing how intuitive our men can be when given the chance! ;)

  4. Oh, I love myself one of those. Better than chocolate! Why hasn't anyone told me about them 20 years ago? ;)
    And I love the way you write about TTWD - what's inside you and what happens between you and Jason. It's a great read AND inspirational at the same time.

    1. Aren't they yummy??

      Thank you. I'm so glad you think it woks!


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