Monday, July 8, 2013

Because My Husband Told me To

My husband instructed me to post this.

First, a little background. 

A few weeks ago, I forgot to shut my stove off. I am easily distracted. When I discovered I did it, I felt awful and fessed up to my husband. My husband is a big believer in "first time warning" (which I am eternally grateful for!) so, as is his custom, he told me it was dangerous, and if it happened again, I'd get a spanking. 

I'm ashamed to admit it happened, more than once...and I got spanked, more than once.

A little more background. I am very grateful and blessed that I am part of the DD community. I have a core of like-minded friends I regularly chat and text with, whose friendships I've come to value and cherish.  I like to chat with them. I like to text with them. 

Maybe a bit too much sometimes. 

Last night, I was cooking dinner, and I was bored flipping the 327 pieces of french toast and eggs I was making for my brood of kids. So, I popped into chat on my phone. Cooked dinner, chatted a bit, then said good-bye and set the table. 

And forgot to shut off the two burners heating my large, cast-iron griddle.

Jason found it on.


He spanked me last night. When he was done, he told me as part of my punishment I had to post on my blog that because I was chatting with people in the DD community, I forgot to shut the stove off and got a spanking. He is hoping the embarrassment of having to admit it to others will prevent me from doing it again. 

I hope so, too. 

To my dear husband -- I am sorry. I promise I will do my very very best to never do it again. I know you take this seriously because it's so dangerous. I love you.


  1. Hi JasonsGirl: Do a little visualization...think about leaving the burner on and while you are in another room or asleep or out of the house, it catching fire. Think about the destruction that occurs...what you lose, things that cannot be replaced,etc. I know this sounds a little harsh, but perhaps it will help to feel a little of the emotion that would come if a fire happened. I come at this from experience. I did not do anything that caused the fire, my neighbors in a condo did, but it could have just as easily been my mistake...But everything, including my pets were gone by the time it was over. That was over 2 yrs ago...and even just yesterday I had to stop for a moment and cry when I remembered a moment of something I used to do with my dog. I am not trying to be morbid...more just to suggest a few moments of thinking through what could happen might help it keeping it from happening.

  2. Hope it is a reminder because it could be deadly. I think all of us have done it at one time or another but it doesn't make it any less dangerous.

  3. see, that's why I don't do the cooking at my house at all. my husband's the better cook. but I am required to do my part and at least help out (and also do the dishes). hopefully, you'll do better in the future and remember to shut the burners off (recalling one's own stinging bottom is a good enough reminder for me :p lol)

  4. Oh JG, yeah that's serious. I'm ashamed to admit that youre not alone though, that I can identify too with doing things just about as serious because I was talking to my DD friends and not paying attention. But aside from how horrible the results could be from my mistakes, also then my friends would feel bad because I was talking to them at the time. And not wanting to give my friends guilt complexes also helps me remember in the moment, lol.

    I'm glad nothing bad happened in your case. And that you've learned your lesson this time, right? Right? ;)

  5. You all are QUITE right! I completely agree. I've made myself check and check, then check again. I would hate for anyone to be hurt because of my negligence!

  6. Been lurking on your blog for a few weeks. Have been doing this as I like to get to know a blogger a bit before saying hi. :) I was doing the same with leaving the lights on in the car. Not quite as dangerous, but it did kill the battery several times. Never once at home, so we always were looking for a boost when it happened. Checking and rechecking work. :) I wish you all the best as you try to make a habit of turning the stove off. :) It was a habit of mine as well... sometimes we'd find it hours later. {{{HUGS}}}

    1. Thank you! I am happy to report I have not done this since, and have made a habit of checking and re-checking!

      I'm so glad you've stopped by and look forward to getting to "know" you. :)


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