Friday, August 9, 2013

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

"Hey babe," Jason says nonchalantly. "I think it would be useful to have a non-verbal way of communicating." 

I'm driving. It's a sunny day and we're both in good spirits. 

"Oh? Okay hon."

He's started squeezing my hand three times in succession to say "I love you." He's been doing this for a while, and it's sweet. I love it. Sometimes even in the middle of the night, while my hand is stuffed under my head, he'll curl his hand around mine and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. 

"Yeah. Let's say we're with your sister and she gets this great idea to do something like karaoke and rock climbing with the kids and it costs a million dollars and will take us all day to get to and I don't think it's such a hot idea. I can just reach over and squeeze your hand twice." He reaches over and demonstrates. "And that means, 'no.'" 

I nod and smile. "Okay, hon. I can do that." 

Now he's warming up to the idea. 

"So once will mean 'yes.' Two will mean 'no.' And you already know 'three.'" 

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.


"But I think we need another one," he says. 

He reaches out and puts his hand on my thigh. 

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

"Four means 'Do as you're told.'" 

I giggle. "Okay. Got it!"

But no, he isn't done yet. A little while later he decides he may as well take full advantage of being able to communicate his alpha-male, Hoh-needs at a moment's notice. No time like the present, eh? 

"One final one, babe."

I nod. Again, a hand to my thigh and a gentle series of squeezes. 

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

"Five means 'I'm gonna smack your ass.'"

Alrighty then. Something told me he'd find a way to get that in.

I'd better be good.


  1. Too cute!! Wes and I have done the 3 squeezes for each other for years as we read a really cool story about a lady being in a coma and shortly before passing she squeezed her husband hand 3 times for their personal "I love you" moment. Its soo nice to be able to let the other know even when your somewhere where you cant say it out loud! But very clever about the other squeezes you guys created!

    1. It is nice to be able to communicate anywhere! I got the five squeeze one the other night, but we were on a date and he was flirting! lol

  2. How exquisite! I like System 5 as it might be called...but how do I get my SO to think that it's his idea so that we too can adopt it? Unless of course you have patented the system Jason Girl??!!

    1. Nope, it's free, in the public domain, go ahead and use it! ;) Maybe give him a three squeeze and say "I love you," and just casually mention how nice it is to have a secret code... ;)


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