Friday, August 16, 2013

Meeting Riley!

This week for the first time ever, I had an opportunity to meet a ttwd friend face-to-face!  I live pretty close to Riley from Vanilla Extract and Kenzie from Red Bottoms and TTWD, so when I found out I was going to be nearby, we made plans. Sadly, Kenzie couldn't make it (next time Kenzie!) but Riley and I were able to meet.

I was a bit nervous, but mostly excited. I think Riley is awesome and is a dear friend of mine. I feel we relate well, and have a lot in common. So I was really eager to spend some time with her.

I was surprised my husband even let it happen! He'd initially agreed because I knew Riley and Kenzie had met before, but I assured him I'd be in a public place and be careful. He hesitated a bit when he found out Kenzie couldn't make it, but he said I could still see her. He was nervous, as we are on vacation in the boonies. He must've said a hundred times, "Be careful. I know you get distracted and lost easily. I don't want you hurt or stranded!" I promised I'd be careful. I showed him I knew my way around. I had directions neatly printed, and a charged cell phone. His didn't get coverage where we were vacationing, so he said to text his Ipad throughout the night.

Cael had told Riley to make sure she wore pants in case she had to run. I got a good chuckle out if this because I'm really the least dangerous person you could imagine! But I thought it was sweet he was concerned. I told Jason what Cael had said, and instead of laughing as I thought he would, he said "good idea" and instructed me to ditch the skirt I'd planned on wearing and made me wear capris too! Riley and I giggled about how protective our guys were!

I made it there without a problem, though it was further than I'd anticipated and I had to call Riley to tell her I would be late. We hadn't even spoken on the phone yet. What would she sound like? She was sweet and understanding and told me to take my time (and she has a lovely voice!)

I recognized her right away when I arrived, and immediately felt like I could be myself around her.

Riley is sweet, and beautiful, easy to talk to, mild-mannered and kind. She's just a sweetie! It really was such a nice time. I felt as if I've known her for ages! We talked about our families and our guys, things that interest us and, of course, ttwd. I had wondered if that would come up -- would it seem forced? Awkward to discuss? Would it be embarrassing face-to-face? But it was totally natural, and we were very discreet. Really, only another Tih or Hoh would've been able to figure out what we were talking about! ;)

It is amazing to have ttwd makes me feel understood. It's so nice to be able to relate, and to get advice, and share our victories and struggles. It's hard sometimes, feeling like our needs and desires are so different from what mainstream society expects of us. I dislike that this part of me, in some ways, needs to be hidden. It was so nice to be able to sit drinking tea with Riley, talking about things like our families, and the deep-seated desire for D/S as if it is the most natural thing in the world. It was freeing to me, in a sense. Because you know what? It is natural.  And I think this is why those of us who tap into the depth of emotion and closeness ttwd can bring a couple really do understand each other.

We talked and talked and I could've gone on talking to her for hours! The mall closed so we went outside, and she excused when the phone rang. She was standing right next to me when she said, "I didn't hear it ring" and my heart went out to her! I shot her a quick smile to show her I understood and discreetly ducked away so she could talk privately. When she got off the phone she explained that she hadn't heard his call. Oh boy could I relate to how she felt. I could tell by the look on her face that she had that nervous feeling and do I ever know that feeling. I did my best to tell her that I understood all of it -- the realization you've made your Hoh worried and could face consequences because of it. The curiosity of wondering, will he understand it was a mistake, or decide he will need to make a point because of the safety factor? Soon afterward she got a message that said he wasn't upset and I think we both breathed easier!

But now I started getting worried. It was later than I'd planned on leaving, and I'd been instructed to text Jason the whole time. I had texted him but hadn't heard back. Had I sent them correctly? Was he worried, too?

So we said our good-bye's. I reluctantly left my visit with Riley, and hoped that we would be able to meet again some day!

 The first part of my journey back went off without a hitch. But then. Then! I did exactly what Jason told me not to. I flaked out at an important turn (saw the sign but didn't slow down to read it carefully and went east instead of west), so I went the wrong way. For a long time. On a dark, deserted road, far away from civilization. And now it was my turn to panic. I hadn't heard from him. I'd made a wrong turn right where he told me to pay attention! I was late. He would be worried! All I could think was, "Grrrrreat! My first meeting with a ttwd friend and I'm gonna come home and get paddled!"

I finally made it back (quite late at this point) and my heart just pounded as I pulled up. He was waiting for me on the porch. Oh dear. I was so nervous I couldn't even make eye contact with him! But when I came up to him all he did was smile and hug me and tell me how happy he was that I made it home safely. 

So there ya have it. All in all it was a wonderful time, and Riley and I both arrived home safe and sound (and without getting in trouble! Phew!)

I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet sweet Riley!


  1. I'm so jealous. I would love to meet some of the girls but I don't know if Steve would go for it. Glad you made it back safely and without landing in hot water.

    1. I was surprised Jason let me! You never know!

  2. Isn't Riley awesome? Lol, I love that the two of you were able to meet, and i'm so sad that I wasn't able to join this time. The three of us will need to get together sometime soon, because i'm totally jealous!

    Sounds like you two had a blast, plus you stayed out of trouble. ;)

    1. Yes, she is and yes, we totally need to get together!

  3. How wonderful! I am happy for all of you!

  4. I'm cracking up at the HoH logic of it -- if I'm wearing pants in case I have to run from you, then clearly you should wear pants (or capris) to run from me. But I get it, so much better safe than sorry. I'm glad neither of us had to make use of our outfits ;) So glad we got to do it, it was so much fun. We'll definitely have to do it again (and with Kenz this time of course!)

  5. you are all so lucky. I am so happy for you to get meet. Some days I feel like I am the one in the middle of the us that lives this lifestyle and it get lonely. Wish is could meet some one face to face some days lol. So happy for you all. this is dd girl

  6. I am so glad you guys had the opportunity to meet. I know for myself meeting Cat was an awesome experience. You find out that these people you have been chatting with for months are really who they say they are, and just like you!! It is a great feeling, I am so happy for both of you and Kenz will have to be there next time!

  7. So cool - it's so nice to be able to put faces to our friends. It's nice to know that they are just..well...people.


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