Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paddles and Straps and Canes -- oh my!

I figured it was time for a bit of a run-down on implements, and I promised a friend I would give my personal opinion. So, here ya go. 

Basically, there's the stingy and there's the thuddy. Some like stingy. Some like thuddy. Some hate both (but if you hate both, I'm not sure why you're here.)

I dislike thuddy very much, but need it sometimes for stress relief. If I have my preference, I'd just take stingy, but really, to be honest, okay the only thing I ever really want is the belt. Yes, please. No, not a severe spanking with the belt, but there really is just nothing that feels like leather. Nothing. I'm hoping some day maybe we can expand our leather collection, but for now I'll be content with his belt. I love his belt. I love that it's on him and it's his and that it was the first thing he ever spanked me with "for real," all on his own, taking me in hand. I love the clink of it and the way he wraps it in his hand and puts me over his lap, not for a punishment of course, but for other trips over his knee...  But, I digress.

So you've got your run-of-the mill belts that can go from moderate to severe with a mere swing of the arm. It's all in the swing. The harder you swing, the bigger the sting.

Although I have no experience with a strap or tawse, I hear the strap is very similar to the belt, but a tawse kicks it up a notch. You can also get leather paddles, which I hear can be quite nice...or hell on earth, depending on who you ask and what the mood of the spanking is.

And then there is the hand, which also falls under the "stingy" category. The hand is perhaps the most widely used tool to administer a spanking. Depending on how hard, and how long, a hand spanking can sometimes really get the job done. It can also be very sexy...if you want some tips on sexy spanking, here's my post on Good Girl Spanking.

And then you've got your thuddy stuff...and wooden implements.

My opinion? They all suck, big time. Spoons will sting and cause more bruising than other implements. Paddles can range from moderate to severe, depending on how hard they're swung, how big they are, and what they're made of. We have a lightweight stingy one that hasn't seen my bottom in ages. Good riddance.

Hairbrushes are from hell, period. Wooden rulers...ouch! Bamboo bathbrushes and back scratchers...shudder.

Burn them. Burn them all!

Then you have your silent implements. The rule of thumb about silent implements...the quieter they are, the more they sting, and the commonly accepted belief is that the quieter the implement, the louder the Sub. These evil little things would include things like tilt wands, switches,the loopy johnny, and canes. They are widely accepted as the most severe of the lot of tools an Hoh can use to spank his little Tih. I've gotten a swat with a switch once. A. Swat. That stung for hours. Yikes! Although, we are going camping, and Jason told me "there will be switches aplenty" so....I will keep you posted. I've gotten the loopy johnny and that thing stings like a mother. These are considered severe implements because it's easy to overdo -- there is little impact but a high level of pain.

If you really feel the need to expand, mosey on over to Caneiac or Leatherhorn.

But now I'd like to get to the real deal. I've mentioned other implements that are pretty common. Do your homework. Play safe. Remember SSC: safe, sane, consensual.

And now...now I'm going to tell you what no one else will tell you.

Are you ready?

Drum roll, please.

If you really, really want to be serious about all this, these are the implements I'd recommend. Be warned, though. These are hardcore, only to be used by those who are very, very serious about spanking.

First, a good wet noodle.

You may have heard reference made to a spanking with a wet noodle. Be careful with this implement, spankers. It can leave marks that will last for days, but really, if your Tih has done something extremely naughty -- like, say, poked you in the belly and called you the Pillsbury Doughboy (who, me??) -- it very well may be necessary to take her over your lap for a good spanking with a wet noodle. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Another rather severe implement is a silk scarf. These can be found in just about any closet or drawer. Silk scarves are handy because they're so quiet. And they look so tame! But let me tell you, a good spanking with one of those babies will leave you thinking twice about mixing stripes and plaids again. Really.

And finally, I will close this post with a reference to a little-known implement you hard-core spankers may find quite handy. This is no laughing matter, people. Given the environmental hazard of styrofoam, my sources tell me it very well may be going the way of the dinosaur, so if you favor the styrofoam paddle, stock up while you can. This is a particularly useful implement, because it is so quiet and lightweight, but let me tell you, this little baby feels like nothing else. Use caution, though, as they break easily.

And there you have it. The implements you can choose from are many and varied! The selection is enormous -- a tool for every budget, every need, and every bottom. 

Happy spanking, dear readers.


  1. I have to tell you that the tawse is 'evil'. I'm at uni in Edinburgh and get the tawse from my aunt who happens to live in the same city!

    1. I have a question... I love the photo you have for your profile and I want to know where did you get it from the idea of a girl spanking her mother or older woman is so arousing to me and I want to get this video so please tell me where is it from

  2. You are a brave woman and an excellent writer. The belt is something I have wanted to try, but Jack says a big NO. He says it is to harsh. This is the man who is paddle crazy. Help me convince him.

    1. Well, sadly sometimes there is no convincing the Hoh of anything! If I'm in trouble, it's almost always the brush...which I hate.

      But the belt is definitely one of those things that are easy to moderate, though...gosh, if you can take the paddle, you can take the belt IMO. It definitely doesn't have to be severe. What Jason does is wrap it around his hand so it's like a strap -- not doubled over -- and he has very good control over it that way. Maybe ask if you can play around with it during "good girl" so you both get a feel for it?

  3. There's also the flip flop. My husband used one on me and it sounded like he was beating the heck out of me. I barely felt it and couldn't help busting up laughing. I should have kicked and screamed and told him how severe it was- to be saved for the most serious infractions. :P

    1. Hahaha! You missed your chance there! ;)

  4. LOL! Styrofoam for me please!!!!

  5. I love Sir's belt. The way he folds it in half, places hands on both sides, pushes hands towards each other to make an 'o'shape and the pulls His hands away to snap it.Of course, then swats my butt with it. The sound of the leather cracking just about makes me cum.

    A good 'styrofoam' implement is those pool noodles. Cut it for size, down the middle, etc and it won't break as easy, but boy doors it hurt.

  6. Hmmm.....I'll take the last three :)

  7. Bahahahaha....

    Great post jasonsgirl!! I'm with you.. I really like the belt.. It's just a different kind of pain.. I think it's easier to absorb and transform pain from a belt.. But that's just me.

    I've had a bamboo backscratcher used on me and OH MY GOSH..... It burns like fire...

    Those last three though.. Hhmmmm.. I'll have to try to get B to test them out.. Lol


    1. Oh, Bekah, that bamboo backscratcher is the one and only thing I ever asked to get rid of. It's evil. But somehow, it's gone missing...I swear I had nothing to do with it!!

  8. You know what's intimidating? There are enough implements out there to even make a whole post like this. It's just too many dontcha think?

    I've never tried a silk scarf but now you've got me terrified...

    1. I agree...there are entirely too many! How 'bout the hands, guys, huh? (Cuz we both know that's not always enough! Hahaha)

  9. Belt is my favorite... the wet noodle cracked me up!!!

    1. I'm drafting a post just on leather...my word is it sexy. But Jason just bought a new one which I got a taste of last night and oh my! Not all belts are the same. I was jumping and squirming all over the place! Lol He says he has to break it in. Lucky me! ;)

    2. The problem with a belt is it's so darned handy.

      adjective: handy; comparative adjective: handier; superlative adjective: handiest

      convenient to handle or use; useful.
      "a handy desktop encyclopedia"
      synonyms: useful, convenient, practical, easy-to-use, well-designed, user-friendly, user-oriented, helpful, functional, serviceable More
      "a handy reference tool"
      antonyms: inconvenient
      close at hand.
      "keep credit cards handy"
      synonyms: readily available, available, at hand, near at hand, within reach, accessible, ready, close, close by, near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips; More

    3. Tammy! You are totally right. That is the problem indeed!! lol

  10. Haha, ok I admit, when I was reading the post and got to the wet noodle part, I still thought you were being serious! I kept wondering, "this can't be about actual noodles so wth is she referencing?" Then I kept reading, and saw the silk scarf and the styrofoam, so I got it. :p

    Great post! :)

    1. I thought it was worth a try, for the sake of all my sweet Tih friends! ;)

  11. I thought the wet noodle was some kind of joke name for something terrifying!! Lol. I prefer the belt too.

  12. Just about two weeks ago, I accidentally clipped my boyfriends motorcycle just enough to tip it over. I felt so bad and he was so upset I agreed to take a real spanking (no specified number of swats, no specified time limit, no warm up and no safe word) bare ass with whatever he decided to use. That's what he calls a real spanking. It took him at least three days before he was calm enough to give it me. He never touches me in anger. I have only gotten a few of these in our three years being together.
    I pushed my pants and panties all the way down to my knees as he asked me too. He picked up a bamboo backscratcher he got from the dollar store. I laid over his lap and he placed it on my backside. He waited for at least a minute and out of no ware just tore into me. He used the flat part of the handle and literally paddled the living daylights out of my bare ass hard and fast with rapid fire whacks (no pauses between swats) from begining to to end. It went on on for like forever. He didn't stop until my entire reer end was welted from the tops my cheeks to my upper thighs.
    When he finally let me up I was crying out of control and I did that embarrassing spanking dance. I arched my back, pushed my hips forward, flew my hands over my ass and started rubbing fanatically as I was hoping up and down and turning about in all directions. He said he got so turned on watching me do that spanking dance performance.


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