Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sent to the corner.

This is another punishment post I've been instructed to post, per my husband's request.

I made a mistake. It was a dangerous one. Not intentional but it was the same thing I got an awful spanking for last month. Ok I got the worse spanking of my life for this last month. Did I learn my lesson? No.

 I didn't get a spanking this time cuz guess what? I'm still sore from a serious meeting with my husband's belt last night. Yes, not my week. :(

It was a dangerous thing, yes. He told me as punishment I would have twenty minutes corner time on my knees and would have to post about what I did on my blog. He also said I had to tell all of you that if I do it again he will, and I quote, "spank your ass purple." Gulp.

It will not happen again. That was the longest twenty minutes of my life I don't care to ever repeat. After doing that, I'd have preferred a spanking, sore butt and all.

That's it. Good night. I hope the next post will be a happier one.


  1. Sorry, don't know what else to say.

  2. it is just not our day. I am sorry for all you have been though. I will be in same place tomorrow.

  3. Thanks, ladies. In a much better place after some aftercare and a good night's sleep. Some lessons are harder than others.

  4. JG sometimes I swear you're my long lost twin with your Jason just asked me last night how I feel about timeouts.

    I didn't see preferring a sore butt instead. What is it that would make you prefer the spanking....just out of curiosity Glad you are woke up in a better place. <3


    1. Hanne, it was the emotional component that was most difficult. I felt rejected...alone. When I'm spanked I don't feel rejected, because he's with me. I feel like he's helping me through it, and helping me learn a lesson, or forgive myself, etc.


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