Monday, October 21, 2013

The Sit Spot

Every once in a while, my husband comes across a new, more effective way of spanking me. 

For example, once he had me on my knees in the bed. Paddle in hand, he dipped his fingers in a glass of water, sprinkled my bare ass, rubbed it all around, and let me have it. Water and lotion can act like spanking magnifiers. Ooooouch. 

But recently, he managed to paddle me in that super sensitive spot, right at the very top of my thighs where my thighs meet my bottom. 

Holy crap!

I have a super high tolerance for pain, and can take a hard strapping or paddling while staying in place and letting out not much more than a whimper. 

But when that paddle hit that spot? I shrieked out loud into the pillow. Screamed! It hurt soooo badly! If a hard swat with the paddle on my bare ass is a six, that was a ten. 

I've gotten spanked there before. I've never been paddled there. 

Now, since he's discovered my weak spot, I've been paddled, spanked, strapped, and (gulp) whipped there, thank you, Sir Loopy Johnny.

He took immense satisfaction in seeing how effective his spanking was. He doesn't like to give wimpy spankings. He likes to know he's done a satisfactory job. He wants me sufficiently reddened, and thoroughly spanked. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, you know I love it. Most of the time, I find this satisfying). 

Anyhow, let's just say he could tell he'd found his mark. 

He let me have it, again, and again, and again, until I could hardly take it anymore. When he was done, I was sweating, and panting, and thoroughly submissive. Later, when I went to sit down, it was excruciating trying to sit. A friend told me that is called the "sit spot." I've heard the term, but never knew exactly where that was.

Yup. Right about there.

"Hmmm," he mused later. "Seems like I might have been doing this wrong all along." 

Oh, dear. Oh my! 

I think I've discovered why the diaper position is so freaking effective.

"So the next time I get punished, you're going to spank me there, aren't you?" I asked. I knew the answer. 

He nodded soberly. "Yes," he said. 

Oh, dear. Oh my! 

"I'd better behave myself," I muttered. 

He nodded again. "Yes, you'd better. Now I know how to spank you more effectively, I will spank you there if you're naughty." 


Honestly? I like to be spanked, though I dislike being punished (a lot). The mere thought of a punishment spanking, which is hard, and long, and I have no control over, and being paddled on that sit spot, has me more than a little worried. 

This is likely a good thing (she reluctantly admits).

When tempted to say something snarky, I've found myself stopping in my tracks. When in the car, I've paid super close attention to how fast I'm driving. I'm intensely focused on speaking politely, and obeying my rules. 

I suppose this was his intent all along.

I have a few nicknames for him. Captain Safety (just teasing, sweetie, I swear!!). Super Dom. 

But I'm thinking maybe that doesn't cut it.

He who Shall be Obeyed. The Paddler. Slap Happy. Alpha Spanker. 

Suggestions, anyone?


  1. Please do not let your HOH speak to mine (suggestion number one)
    And (number two) loved the He who shall be obeyed. I may mention that to my SM.

    sara :)

  2. Sarah, I think it's in both of our best interests to do our level best to make sure Strong Man and Jason never cross paths!!!!

  3. How could the sit spot be overlooked like a blindspot. Good luck. He's probably spanked you there all along. Love your blog. Read it every day. LB

    1. I'm sure he has, but never with such intense DELIBERATENESS! lol

      Glad you like the blog. Welcome!


  4. Hi JG,
    My affectionate and respective name for my sir (esp on days ehere it seems im either biting my tongue or getting a spanking) is Dr.Dom. hes not a doctor but can def cure the grouchies and has a plentiful prescription for pain! He never leaves out the sit spots for punishment so i try really hard to avoid that at all cost! Good luck hun

  5. Ouch, the sit spot! I hate it:( it's not too often Rog goes there, I think he forgets how effective that spot is. So for my sitting safety I will be hiding your blog for a

    Sorry I don't have any suggestions on any names.

  6. Although I really hate to say it, I have found over the years that, apart from the appalling level of sting at the time - even with a hand, if several moderate swats are landed in the same place, it really hurts - swats the to the sit spot and the back of the top of the thighs are the only ones that leave a lasting reminder for me every time I sit. This is not the slightly bruised feeling that I can sometimes get after a spanking, but more of a surface soreness like a friction burn.

  7. Ouch!! My spanker Focuses on that spot every time I'm punished. I definitely think twice before breaking a rule of acting out. never had the water thing it sounds brutal but effective , which is the purpose of punishment. So I'm told

    1. I got a sit spot spanking literally JUST this week. Yeooowch.

  8. I go to the sit spot when my wife's behavior definitely calls for it. You're right. It has her squealing.

  9. My husband recently found the sit spot. Now he aims for it.

  10. when she is really bratty i warn her that a paddling on the sitspots is due in the diaper postion ! tears begin already! shows how effective it can be!

  11. spanked on the sitspots is highly effecitive have administered it and recieved it


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