Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I love me a sexy spanking. 

I love me a bossy man. 

I get the two on a regular basis, but not always at the same time. Stern is usually for when I'm in trouble, and sexy spankings are usually kinda just like foreplay. 

Jason is an award-winning, blue-ribbon spanker, but, well...you know, I want the whole shebang. I like when he gets into it. Pushes my buttons. 

Rolls up those sleeves and tells me I've been naughty, and I need a spanking. Gives me the narrow-eyed look and says, "Upstairs and wait for me, young lady. You're getting a spanking tonight." Draws the sexy spanking out. Tells me what's coming. Makes me obey his instructions, prepare myself, get in position. Lays out the implements. It's just freaking hot.

It doesn't happen often, but I love when it does. And I think for a while, when we were trying to find our way with what worked for us with DD, we didn't really do that much sexy spanking. Plus, I just got in trouble a lot at first!

I love that he is firm with me. But sometimes I want him to play firm with me. And we're still fiddling around with this, still trying to figure out where that line is. 

The other night, he was sitting in our family room. It is very rare we have privacy in our family room, but we did that night. 

"Hey, girl, I promised you a strapping later," he said with a twinkle in his eyes. 

Bit of a tingle there. Even him saying the word "strapping" makes my heartbeat race. 

So I decided to throw some sass. Rev things up. I stuck out my chin and gave him a saucy look. "Oh yeah? And what if I don't submit to said strapping?"

He narrowed his eyes and his hands went to his waist. "Well look at what I have here," he said, in that low voice that makes me breath heavily. He undid his belt buckle and drew it through the loops. 

Eeeeeee! Love that damn belt!

No "in position" over the couch, or his lap. He stood me up, had me bend over while he stood up himself and strapped me.

"What if someone sees!" 

He chuckled, as the belt continued to fall. "Well, then, guess they'll see what happens to a naughty girl." 

I scrambled to get away and he pinned me in the kitchen. 

"Are you not wearing a bra?" It was true. I wasn't. 

"Naughty girl. Did you go out of this house without a bra?" Ohh. Perfect opportunity. 

"Maybe I did. What are you going to do about it?"

"You deserve a spanking for that!" 

He leaned me against the kitchen counter, pulled my pants down, and spanked me in earnest. 

A few swats later, I admitted that I lied. "No, I didn't go out of the house without one. I just took it off." 

So I got spanked for "lying," which was exactly how I was trying to play it. 

Hey, Jason....


  1. Awesome. So awesome! One of my favorites yet! Though it's still hard to beat that sexy spanking post;)

  2. well aren't you just cute lol

  3. Yay! This was so fun and cute. I loved it. I also love the belt and have a belt post I will be putting up in a day or so :)

    1. Oh I can't wait! I didn't like it for a while, after I got it for punishment bad a few times..but now I like it again!

  4. LOL!! Too funny, and yet so sweet at the same time. If you're going to be naughty, relish it.

  5. Cute, so very cute. But when do we get Jason's answers for the LOL day questions? I can't wait!

    1. Tomorrow morning! I've been bugging him! Lol

  6. You are so naughty! I love playing that game too.

  7. So fun! We also didn't do sexy spanking/foreplay spanking for most of the last year as we were getting used to DD & I was getting in trouble alot...we just brought it back & We both realized how much we had missed it....but I'm back in a getting in trouble alot faze...I'm extra hormonal so I'm blaming that but that still doesn't save my bum : ( he's also got stern down when I am in trouble but it's harder for him with the sexy kind....oh well it's fun practicing!
    SHM ; )

    1. Well the trouble spots ebb and flow sometimes. When I'm hormonal I get spanked a ton! Lol But I have to admit it helps!

  8. What a naughty girl you are and what a fun post this is
    love Jan.xx

  9. You naughty girl, you. You so deserved that spanking.

    This was fun to read. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Sigh. I guess I did deserve it. (See how remorseful I am? Lol)

  10. The story was great and love the picture too.

  11. Love this post! Love Sexy spankings!!


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