Friday, April 18, 2014

A Quick Hello

Dear Readers, 

I'm kind of in a weird place these days. 

D/S is alive and well here, and there are many things on my mind. There are posts I have drafted, and things I'd like to post...But, I'm having trouble sleeping lately and my early morning writing time has been cut short. 

I enjoy blogging for many reasons. The first is that Jason reads my blog, and it's a way of communicating about our dynamic with each other that's a bit different, as I communicate better in writing than verbally at times. Secondly, our D/S relationship brings me so much peace and happiness..I love when others tell me that hearing about how our dynamic plays out brings them happiness and peace as well. I have said from the beginning that if even one couple benefits from my blogging about our relationship, it's all worth it. Third, I love the friendships I've made, the support of the community, and I love knowing we aren't alone out there.

So, I will continue to blog, and I thank you all for your support and friendship. 

But, I'm in a funny place. Jason has put some restrictions on me (all for my own benefit, and I don't begrudge it for a minute). I'm not in the place where I can read other blogs right now. I'm restricted on forums, and on blogs. I have no idea when I'll be allowed again. I'm just really sensitive to things right now, likely because of some struggles I've had the past few months. I don't like being this way, but it is what it is. So, a friend recommended I just write a post about where I am. I know active participation is considered good blogging etiquette in blogdom. So please, accept my apology. 

Things are getting a little better every day. I'm incredibly happy, all things considered. I am blessed to have an amazing marriage, and I'm amazed at how the depth of our relationship continues to grow. I have good friends, and dear children who love me deeply. I am happy. Things are good. But, I'm not myself right now and it will take some time. 

So please bear with me, dear readers. I know you'll understand. 

Hope to post again real soon. :) 

With love,
Jason's Girl