Friday, April 18, 2014

A Quick Hello

Dear Readers, 

I'm kind of in a weird place these days. 

D/S is alive and well here, and there are many things on my mind. There are posts I have drafted, and things I'd like to post...But, I'm having trouble sleeping lately and my early morning writing time has been cut short. 

I enjoy blogging for many reasons. The first is that Jason reads my blog, and it's a way of communicating about our dynamic with each other that's a bit different, as I communicate better in writing than verbally at times. Secondly, our D/S relationship brings me so much peace and happiness..I love when others tell me that hearing about how our dynamic plays out brings them happiness and peace as well. I have said from the beginning that if even one couple benefits from my blogging about our relationship, it's all worth it. Third, I love the friendships I've made, the support of the community, and I love knowing we aren't alone out there.

So, I will continue to blog, and I thank you all for your support and friendship. 

But, I'm in a funny place. Jason has put some restrictions on me (all for my own benefit, and I don't begrudge it for a minute). I'm not in the place where I can read other blogs right now. I'm restricted on forums, and on blogs. I have no idea when I'll be allowed again. I'm just really sensitive to things right now, likely because of some struggles I've had the past few months. I don't like being this way, but it is what it is. So, a friend recommended I just write a post about where I am. I know active participation is considered good blogging etiquette in blogdom. So please, accept my apology. 

Things are getting a little better every day. I'm incredibly happy, all things considered. I am blessed to have an amazing marriage, and I'm amazed at how the depth of our relationship continues to grow. I have good friends, and dear children who love me deeply. I am happy. Things are good. But, I'm not myself right now and it will take some time. 

So please bear with me, dear readers. I know you'll understand. 

Hope to post again real soon. :) 

With love,
Jason's Girl


  1. JG, it is so good to hear that you are doing fine. Maybe you are in a weird place at the moment, but the way you write it, there is so much happiness and love around you, that being there is obviously just the right and best place for now. I think it is lovely that Jason shows how much he cares by protecting you from things that might cause your struggles to be harder than necessary, even if it includes less online time. This can be really hard, I should know, because I am under such restriction till Sunday, and have already told hubby that it really helped and I want him to have an eye on me concerning online time. But what really matters is that you and your family are doing fine and that you have the time to heal. I think everybody understands that and it is just great to hear from you that you are well. Happy Easter :)



  2. Well hi there :-) Sorry you aren't quite feeling yourself, but I'm glad Jason is helping you through it. Be good to yourself and do what's right for you, etiquette be damned! We all go through stuff, it just happens to be your turn right now :-(

  3. Thank you for the Quick hello! It is very helpful reading your posts and I can totally relate to being able write things I cannot say. I have not been so brave as to share my blog with my Home Boss (HB) though because we are still in negotiations about what this (ttwd) is. He is not as on board as I and has been reluctant to D/s. It is nice to know that other women have the same needs as I.
    Again Thank you.
    Needy T @

  4. You take all the time you need/all the time Jason feels you need & we will be waiting right here when you are ready for a more active role again-you have helped my husband & I a ton & I will always be grateful for that!
    One day at a time sweetie!
    Scarlet ; )

  5. You love writing. It is a hobby. I once loved writing too. But it's a very good idea to take a Break sometimes. Im glad you know how to put yourself first and to put your marriage first. LB.

  6. It's lovely to read a post from you!! I understand about the restrictions, I have them as well. It's hard to have something I love curtailed. Even though I know it's for my own benefit, it makes me a little grumpy.

  7. It's good to hear from you! I do love your blog and always feel that I get something out of it. What's most important, though, is how you're doing...and if there are restrictions that are necessary, then that's important (something I'm learning about!). You touch so many people....even if you're just able to "update."

  8. THank you so much for all your support. It means so much to me. <3


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