Sunday, November 30, 2014

LOL Day: Jason Answers

Thanks to all who participated in LOL Day! As we did last year, we asked if anyone had questions to pose to Jason. Here are the questions and his answers.  

If you are interested in reading the questions and answers to last year's post, you can read that HERE


My question for Jason is, What are 3 things that Jgirl did in the beginning of your relationship that enhanced and made you feel more comfortable in your role as Hoh?

I never needed help to be made comfortable as a HOH. I've always been a dominant person. That said, she did do a few things that allowed the D/s side of our relationship to flourish:

1. She didn't make it all about her needs and wants
2. She did what I asked her to do without expecting anything in return
3. She respected me as a man and didn't try to manipulate me into being someone that I am not

I would love to ask your other half what is the hardest challenge he's had to overcome and what's being the most rewarding moment for you both?

The only real thing I needed to overcome was that of getting comfortable with the intensity of spanking JGirl wanted. At first I was concerned I would hurt her by spanking her as hard as she wanted me to spank her. But, practice makes perfect.

The biggest reward for me is that we never fight anymore. 

From JG: The question was posed to me as well, so I'll answer here. It's hard for me to define a moment, as there have been so many. It's really been a journey. But I think I would have to say it was the moment when he collared me. I knew then that there was no turning back, and that I belonged to him. I was on my knees in front of him, and it took a good long time of him concentrating to get it just right. It was so intimate, and I held my breath while he fastened it. Then when he locked it, he had me turn around to him...he got this look in his he'd found something precious, like he'd claimed his prize. It was a defining moment for us and one I will never forget. 

My question for the Boss is this: what's your favorite food?

Any kind of Risotto – if it's cooked right it's divine.

Happy LOL Days JG! Are you not allowed to visit other blogs at all or just not allowed to comment? If it's the latter, would you please ask the Boss why you couldn't at least comment anonymously on other blogs?

I don't allow JGirl to comment on other blogs because I want to keep her safe. There are plenty of ways for folks to track each other online even if they comment anonymously. I'm in IT and quite well versed in the particulars of hacking. Additionally, as nice as many folks in the D/s community are, there are plenty of jerks, too. Some of these dickheads have trolled my wife extensively and others have sent her incredibly rude, pornographic messages. I don't put up with that where my girl's safety is concerned.

What does a Dom glean from this dynamic?

Being totally in control and having someone completely devoted and submissive to your every wish and desire is an amazing aphrodisiac. Being loved by someone unconditionally is also awesome.

I have a question, I have a question...well several actually. I am curious about the first time Jason spanked anybody...what what that like and what was he thinking? Second...or third, depending on how you count...what was he thinking the first time he had to punish you? Finally, how does he deal with having that much responsibility as HOH?

The first girl I spanked was not my wife; it was a friend. I was playing Chess with her and she always lost, I always won, except the night I spanked her. That night, I'd been wound up from a stressful day at work and wasn't paying much attention to the game. My friend “T” beat me and decided it would be a good time to gloat in what looking back in hindsight was a completely goofball way. I wasn't having any of it. She saw me getting aggravated and just kept taunting me trying to prolong my stressed out reaction. So I did the only thing a hot blooded 24 year old guy would do, I grabbed her, pulled her over my lap, pinned her down and spanked her as hard as I could... which only made her laugh hysterically and gloat at me even more. Eventually I started laughing and stopped spanking her. It just ended like that and we never brought it up again. I wasn't really thinking anything at the time other than she was being a complete brat and totally deserved that spanking. But T was just enjoying it too much for me. If I had only known then what I know now!

First time I spanked JGirl I was only thinking how upset I was with her for taking her fitness goals lightly and always wanting to change them on the fly. She's always struggled with making consistent healthy choices for herself physically. Basically she is impatient with her fitness goals. We'd talked a lot over the years about why she didn't follow through with her fitness goals. That night, I'd had enough excuses and decided to show her how displeased I was with her wishy-washy approach to personal fitness.

As far as having the responsibilty as Hoh. I don't really think of it as that much responsiblity. I don't feel like I've had to deal with any more responsiblity than I did before. 

Dear readers: 
This post and the one it stemmed from have generated many questions regarding internet safety. Jason and I've discussed this, and we think it's in our readers' best interest if we write a post with more details. I'm drafting a post that will go live when I'm done editing, hopefully in a few days, detailing our own experiences. Be safe, readers. JG


  1. It would be great if Jason would explain how people can track each other online if they are posting anonymously, or, perhaps better yet , explain how to stop it, if possible. (Use a proxy server?)

  2. I'll ask Jason to explain. In the meantime, I explained what little I know about tracking in the comment section of November's "LOL" post.

    Maybe it'll be worth a post on internet safety (in which, JGirl never gets another comment again lol). Seriously, though, I'd rather folks be safe. I know from personal experience that not everyone in the ds community can be trusted.

  3. I'll look forward to reading that post because I am technically challenged and need all the help I can get.

  4. I am technically challenged as well and H really worries. He hates FB and is weary about me blogging, but still allows it. So far I have had nothing but positive experiences, although I know that is not always the case.

    1. Yep, same here...allowed to blog...but wouldn't be surprised if that's taken off the table eventually! I should archive posts lol....

      It is sadly a scary world out there...that said, most of my experiences have also been very positive.


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