Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Quiet Mind

Recently, we got hit with snow, and Jason and I had planned a date. I really wanted that date, and actually (gulp) came close to having my date taken away from me, but I put my best foot forward and ended up behaving well enough and earning my date. 

I was blabbering like a little girl about it to Jason during our morning check-in, about the different possibilities, what food would fit in best with my diet, where we could go, and what might be nice, when he took my chin and held it between his fingers. “Is where we go on a date up to you?” he asked. 

I shook my head, humbled.

He was doing that thing where he was smiling but quite serious, chiding me and reminding me that where we go and what we do is up to him. Yes, I know that might sound awfully bossy of him, but...well, he is awfully bossy. And I truly love it (except when I don't!). 

Anyway. I shook my head and smiled. “I'll leave it up to you, of course,” I said. “Do I get an opinion?” 

He grinned. “You do. But I don't want to hear about your diet. Tonight is for me and you. Understood?” 

I nodded, and the question as to where we would go and what we do went right out of my mind. I would go with him, and when all is said and done, that's all that really matters. The time I spend with him varies greatly, to quick errands with just the two of us, to the few times we've managed to get away for a few nights to a lovely Bed and Breakfast. I love spending time alone with him.

Putting things right out of my mind is one of the things I like best about being submissive to Jason. It's truly amazing how freeing it is, and how well it works. 

Just last weekend, I was incredibly frustrated about a work-related situation. Although I write D/s fiction (more on that to come soon), I also write under my real name, and one particular situation with the professionals I'm working with was driving me crazy, involving a failure to communicate effectively and frustrating feedback, despite hours upon hours of work on my end. I had tried and tried to get somewhere, to no avail and one evening last week, received an email from someone I work with that had me so frustrated I was near tears. It was nighttime, close to when I needed to go to sleep, and Jason was busy with one of our children. I spent about one minute seething and frustrated, confused about how to proceed and the best way to invest my time in this project. My working hours are limited and I like to be as efficient with them as possible. 

And then it dawned on me. You'd think after fourteen years of submission and three at a pretty intense level, that this would become more obvious, but my emotions momentarily clouded my vision. 

Jason wants all of my frustrations brought to him, no matter what the cause, and though he was occupied at the time, I knew the right thing to do was go to him. This is what a Dominant does, helps his Submissive manage her stress and struggles, and my job as Submissive is to be aware of what my struggles are so I can communicate them effectively. 

“Just tell Jason,” I thought to myself. “And do what he says.” 

And just like mind cleared. I felt almost as if a physical weight had been lifted. I felt nearly giddy with relief as I prepared myself for bed, and laid down happily with a book to read. There was no need to trouble myself further with this, until I had my instructions from Jason. I didn't give the situation another blessed thought. 

I'm aware of the fact that this method wouldn't work for everyone, and I'm not advocating that every women who is submissive bring every little thing to her Dominant partner. However, here? It works. 

We didn't have time that evening to discuss it, and I was too tired to adequately explain the situation to him anyway, but the next morning, during our morning check-in, I laid it all out to him. He listened, asked a few questions, then gave me a succinct response and even offered to draft the response for me. I declined, as I felt I wanted to handle the communication myself, but gosh, did I appreciate his offer. I did exactly what he said, under his guidance, and the situation was taken care of. 

A Dominant brings quiet to the mind of his submissive. 

So we finally got to our date night. 

So, remember what I said about the snow? Yep. We got more than we'd bargained for. Jason suggested postponing our date, but the next night was Sunday, and I go to bed early on Sunday evenings to prepare for the week ahead. So I suggested instead what we call an “in house” date. He happily complied. So when the kids went to bed, I made popcorn, and we went to our room with the Ipad to watch a movie. It was lovely. But when we were done, it was several hours past my usual bedtime. I typically eat light food and  I rarely drink, but I'd enjoyed indulging in both heavier food and a drink and I felt a bit off. I settled down to read before bed, as I usually do, weary, but wired. 

I read. I flipped around on the bed. I was uncomfortable, filled with rich food, and overtired, up so late. I fidgeted and flopped and read and fussed. I put my book down and tried to sleep, but it didn't work. I finally threw myself back on the bed with my arms up over my head. Jason was wearing earbuds, as he usually does late at night so I can sleep. He took them off. 

“What's the matter, baby girl?” he asked, and he rested a hand on my belly. I sighed. 

“I can't sleep. All that yummy food, and now it's late, and I keep trying to go to sleep but I'm overtired and I can't!” 

He rolled me over on my side and placed one large hand on my bottom. 

Sigh. I love that touch. It calms me. 

“You need to sleep,” he said. “And all this flopping around the bed is not helping you.” 

True. He surprised me with what he said next. 

“Do I need to get my brush?” 

This is not a gentle suggestion, but rather a serious one. He uses that brush when he has to punish me, and he knows I hate it. I shook my head, and assured him that would be unnecessary. He was not stern or scolding, but quite gentle when he spoke to me. 

“I don't want to have to spank you. But I will if I need to. Now settle down and rest, and stop fidgeting.” 

I whispered to him that I would. I lay still on the bed. When he tells me he will spank me, I know he means it, and I knew if I continued to fuss and fidget, he would indeed spank me. I had two choices: obey him and lie still, or flop around and get spanked. 

I chose option A.  

And as I lay there in the quiet, instructed to lie still, calm descended upon me. My mind no longer churned and swirled. I thought about how he would spank me if I disobeyed, and how the very simply instruction to lie still calmed me. And I thought about how obeying him in all ways brings peace to my soul. 

With these thoughts on my mind, quiet and still, as I thought about being quiet and still...I fell asleep. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Answers from Jason and Jason's Girl

Recently, Jason and I were asked if we would answer questions, so we opened up a post inviting you all to ask whatever questions you had. Below are our answers to the questions asked...untouched by me, except where I gave my own response. Please keep in mind these are only our opinions.

Thanks to those of you who emailed and commented here on the blog. The majority of the questions asked of me were sent via private e-mail, which I've responded to. If I haven't, then I didn't get your email and I'll ask you to please send it again. 

Jason has answered questions before, and you can find his answers HERE

The only question I was asked in addition to those posted here was when I knew I needed to be spanked. 

I knew I was erotically attracted to dominance and spankings for some years before I ever approached my husband with my desire. I thought it was odd that I wanted that from him, and couldn't bring myself to tell him for a long time. Years. Finally, when I was reading a review of "Fifty Shades of Gray" one day, a reviewer mentioned "real Dominants and Submissives." I didn't know what they were, so I looked it up online, and a whole new world was opened to me. It was about a week or two after this that I brought my desire to Jason. I was shy about it, so I suggested a "swap fantasies" game, and clearly the fantasy I shared with him was getting a real spanking. He was happy to comply, and the rest is history. Our full story is linked above in the "About Us" section.

When did Jason know? That night, when we played the "swap fantasy game." The "real" side to things came a bit later. 

In your first "My husband speaks" (Sept 2013), you wrote that one of the changes you'd noticed in yourself was that you were angrier than ever before, but you also expressed that you thought learning to control that masculine energy would take care of that. Did it? And if yes, how long did it take? What advice do you have for other men going through that phase?

Jason: It did. It's also something that I'm always working on. In terms of time, I don't really keep track of stuff like that (i.e., I don't have a journal that tells me how many days it took me to feel more comfortable in my more dominant role). Anger like all other emotions is a normal part of being human. Anger is nature's way of telling us that what we expect from someone/ourselves/reality and what we experience in return is out of alignment. It's a way for us to learn and grow. Each time I'm angry, I try to ask myself, “Am I angry because my expectations were unrealistic?” I find it helpful to probe these thoughts and many times discover that I'm at fault for failing to live up to my own expectations. I then have the opportunity to 'reset' them and move on with a better grasp of both myself and reality at large.

In terms of advice for other men, I don't offer anything more than what I wrote above. If this is a man asking the question, keep on keeping on. If this is a submissive asking, you'd be better off not looking for advice on his behalf. Jgirl did this repeatedly in our early going and it pissed me off to no end that she would not let me handle it on my own, and instead would run off to ask other Dominants how they do things and then try to feed me advice – it's a backhanded way of topping your guy... don't do it. If a guy wants advice, he'll ask.

In the LOL day conversation, you wrote that you hated giving JGirl punishment spankings. Has that changed in any way over the last few years?

Jason: NO. I still hate it, as should any psychologically healthy person who engages in this kind of behavior out of love for someone – with their free consent, of course.

We're in a way where you were a few years ago. My husband is stepping into his HoH role and getting more comfortable with it, and I'm getting a taste of his strength and leadership regularly, but "I NEED MORE". I'm sure we'll get there, in fact he's told me "give me time, and when I get there you'll get more dominance than you ever bargained for. " So my question is, do you have any advice for me to get through the meantime without aggravating him too much with "pushing" and without putting him off with my neediness? Or how I can lessen some of that tension myself? 

Jason: Yeah, it's really never a great idea to ask another Dominant for advice/help/support/mentoring etc. to 'get you through'. That said, if you love him, then put your needs aside and focus on his. He's telling you just that. He needs space to grow into the man you need. Trees don't grow in a day and neither do dominant males. You need to tend the tree right now, not express your displeasure that it's not providing you with all the fruit you want. He's right, it will come, just be patient. Take the focus off of yourself and put it on him.

I would like to know why even "good girls" will push a guy until he either spanks her or she loses respect for him.

Jason: Because they want to know that a man is strong. It makes them feel safe. Men aren't allowed to be outwardly dominant like they were in years past. Too many women raise a stink (at the office, school, etc.) when they are. Men are pragmatists at heart. We're always going to take the path of least resistance. If women being pissed about us being dominant means we have a harder time in life, we'll just stop – and we have. In the end, we know we can kick your ass and you know it, too. So who cares, we think. Problem is nowadays, most women want men to be sniveling betas in public but roaring alphas at home. Men hate this kind of stuff. We don't want to be two different people. We want to be one. So, the guys that 'spank' are those who either don't care about public opinion or are just fed up with games, and those that don't have chosen to just be beta all the time and avoid feeling torn between public and private personas.

How does Jason feel if he handled a situation and the same situation occurs the very next day? And how do you feel? Does he feel he has to make the punishment harsher, or just keep on punishing? Or does he feel that his effort is not bearing fruit? 

Jason: I don't make it harsher if it happens day after day. Most of the spankings occur as part of breaking bad habits. Habits take a long time to break. No need to make punishments harsher. Just be consistent and they will taper off over time.

J Girl: I feel awful if I have to go to him and tell him I've done something again, especially if I was recently punished. I hate being punished. Sometimes, he's asked me why it is that I've not done something and we try to figure out what will help me remember. I've set reminders on my phone, put up post-it notes, and done my very best to figure out why it is that I'm not following through on his expectations of me. 

We are an "older" couple. My husband is on board "in theory" and we have dabbled in DD however he is terrified of being abusive. He is not even NEAR that line, and in fact, if I so much as "ouch" he will stop. We have talked about this endlessly but it is a real fear for him - prob one of the reasons I love him! Curious to know how you've gotten around this issue and if Jason has any words for him. Thank you so much.

Jason: I didn't really have a problem with this. It was immediately evident how much J Girl wanted this from me. She said she wanted a spanking that really hurt, and I had no trouble giving her that. As to giving your husband advice, please see my responses above. 

J Girl: As Jason said, he knew that this was something I wanted and was clear from the beginning I wanted a "real" spanking. Yes, it hurts, and still does. But it was evident to both of us that it also worked. I would advise you to accept what you can without fidgeting -- cross your ankles and lie down on your arms on the bed, etc. If you want to surrender to a spanking, then do your best to take it. 


I find myself longing for my husband to take more control. The problem is he is not naturally a dominant personality, and for the majority of our relationship (~15 years) I have been the one more in charge (for several reasons, many of which have to do with our natural talents). Add to this all that I make considerably more money than him. We have discussed all of this, what I am looking for, and when we talk he seems into it, but he voiced concerns that when he take control I will grow to resent him and he doesn't want to hurt me, and he doesn't want to change his personality. The end result is that he hasn't quite embraced his role and while I try to take a more submissive approach in my interactions with him, there are some hard habits for me to break, especially since he isn't pushing me to break them. Any words of wisdom, or advice from Jason, on how to help my husband get over his hesitance and embrace the control I want to give him? 

Jason: "The end result is that he hasn't quite embraced his role...”

“...and embrace the control I want to give him”

Dominants give, submissives receive. You don't give him control if you are submissive, you give him yourself, full surrender. Dominants take control, they don't receive it. Your problem, and you note it above, is that you're the dominant, and he knows it.

Based on what you wrote, your husband seems like he is quite comfortable in his role – it's just not the role you want him to play. If he is to make any progress towards what you are seeking you MUST accept him as he is and love him unconditionally, no strings attached, no holding out hope he'll change some day. That's a hard pill to swallow but swallow it you must. If this is something he wants to do, he'll do it. The hardest part of this kind of dynamic is that the potential submissive has to surrender herself completely (yes, I said you are a 'potential' submissive; you're not really a submissive if you are seeking out help from another Dominant on his behalf – sorry to point that out to you but it's true) and await her dominant partner's actions.

Bottom line, he must make the choice on his own with no pushing or prodding from you – to do otherwise would be the exact opposite of an alpha behavior, but the beta behavior of a follower. He instinctualy grasps this, as all men do. When you surrender yourself and your expectations of him, he'll face a choice – assume control fully, or not. Either way, it's his choice and he'll have to live with it as will you. In fact, it's a choice you both will have to make every day for the rest of your lives if you want to do this.

If he decides to become more dominant, prepare yourself for a long road. If your guy is as passive as you indicate, it will take him some time to become more dominant and he'll make plenty of mistakes along the way and likely relapse from time to time. Likewise, you'll need time to learn how to avoid behavior that is 'alpha' at root and you'll screw up, too; probably more than him if you are currently the more dominant partner. In terms of your habits and what not, I'll tell you exactly what I've told other submissives before – stop focusing on yourself and your needs and focus on his.

In the comment section, the reader who asked this question followed up with the following comment. Questions are in bold with the response below: 

Thank you for sharing your insight. I was the one who has the more "beta" husband. You have given me quite a lot to think about. I did want to clarify however, that my intent was actually to ask J Girl what I could do to better serve my husband, so that it might be easier for him to take control. The "or words of wisdom from Jason" was meant more as an aside, if he had any perspective to add . I was not trying to ask for advice on my husband's behalf. I understand my surrender has to come first and from me, but I am struggling to surrender because he doesn't seem to have an opinion on things one way or the other so I don't know if I am fulfilling his needs. With no feedback it's easy to slip back into old habits. So really what I am looking for is advice on how to help keep myself on track with out his direct control. My apologies for not stating my question clearer and coming back with another one. Again, I appreciate Jason sharing his insight, and he has given me much to ponder. If JGirl has any additional thoughts or insights to share I would welcome them. Thank you both and all the best.

JGirl: These are excellent questions that I think most (if not all) submissives should ask themselves at one point or another. How can I better serve my husband? Without direct instruction from him, or – to rephrase a question many have asked – how can I honor him as leader when he doesn't wish to take the lead? How do I surrender more fully if he's not asking me to? How do I stay on track myself?

First, I'd urge you to read my “submission series” (linked in the page above on the home screen) if you haven't yet. It's a four-part series directly aimed at helping submissives focus on various areas in which we can cultivate our own submission (becoming more humble, submitting in the bedroom, building him up with the spoken word, building trust) on our own, without any additional expectation from our dominant partners. As Jason said and you repeat here, surrender does indeed have to come from us first, as it's very much a mindset and relinquishing of authority and control by putting the needs of our dominant partner's above our own.

It's important to spend some time asking yourself what are the needs your husband has that he hasn't directly communicated to you? 

When I was beginning to learn to submit to Jason, when we still had just very little children at home, I asked him, “What are the most important things you'd like to see done when you come home from work?” At the time, when we just had little kids, he didn't want to put too much of a burden on me and wouldn't have asked me to do additional chores, and certainly wouldn't have required of me all that he asks me to do now. His answer surprised me. “I like it when our bed is made and there's nothing on it when I come home.” With little ones, even though I was a fairly tidy person, I would do things like toss the baby wipes or a sweater on the bed. He liked to come home from work and see that our bed was tidied and made. So, I focused on having that done. Before Jason went to work in the morning, for years, I'd ask him “Is there anything you need me to do for you today?” (This was before our morning check-in's). Some other small ideas...When I go to the supermarket, I ask him if he needs me to get anything. I take note of his favorite foods and coffee and even though he doesn't ask me to, I try to make sure I have them on hand. I bring him coffee in the morning. When he tells me he likes what I'm wearing or how I have my hair, I make note of it. When he asks me to do something, I do that first before anything else, even very small things. Take close note of what your husband's preferences are, and do your best to honor those preferences. This doesn't mean you never have a choice or say in anything. It simply means that you put his needs above your own and this will train you to be prepared to submit.

Submissives often refer to submission as a “gift.” However, it is my personal opinion that if submission is not desired, instead of a gift it can be a burden. What I urge you to do is to honor his choice and avoid foisting leadership on him, and focus yourself instead primarily on lessening the burden of leadership. There are many, many ways you can still help him grow to be the leader in your relationship without burdening him. Some of these ways (which I explore in depth in the series linked above) would be focusing on honoring him in what you say and do; respecting his requests and opinions; seeking to please him in small ways; embracing bedroom submission; speaking respectfully and humbly; and encouraging him in the ways he does lead.

As far as him not having an opinion, it could be that his opinion in some areas is simply “do what you wish.” Jason prefers I handle certain areas. For example, I monitor all household spending, and even have a separate account we transfer money into so that I can buy things like groceries and gas for my car. He has nothing to do with this. And he positively hates being asked “what would you like for dinner tonight?” So instead I make a menu plan, and manage that on my own, taking note of things like what he likes to eat and how often he likes to eat those things. So I don't place those burdens on him; rather, I respect that he wants me to handle those on my own.

For slipping back into old habits, I would advise a few things. If your habits include things that are not acceptable behavior for a submissive (such as talking back to your husband or losing your temper with him), yet he will not discipline you for those things, when you do find you've done something like that, bring it to his attention with a humble apology. “I'm sorry I spoke to you that way. That was disrespectful.” This shows him that you are repentant, and it also shows him that this is an area you'd like to improve (whether he decides to help you in that area or not). If the habits include things like going to bed on time or getting to the gym, or something similar, I would probably start by asking him for the accountability. If he's not willing to do that for now, then I would advise you to seek accountability from a friend, set goals for yourself that you will seek to achieve, and take pride in achieving those goals. Personally, I set monthly goals and break them down into weekly segments and find that really helpful.

I hope this feedback is helpful and again, thank you for being gracious and patient.  

Thanks again, readers. There were a few additional questions asked of readers in the comment section. If you'd like to dialogue about the answers there, then I'd encourage you to participate in the discussion in the comments section, as that would most likely generate the most response. 

Thank you!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Questions and Answers

Good morning, readers!

A few months ago, I put up a survey asking you all what types of posts you like to read, and the responses were very helpful as I planned where I would take this blog. Many of you said you like when I share experiences, and a good deal of you responded to both the poll and wrote to me, asking if I would open up the blog for questions and answers. So today I would like to do that. 

Do you have questions regarding DD or D/s that you would like to ask me or Jason? Is there something I can help answer? A question regarding your own personal dynamic is most welcome, if I can be of any assistance. If you have a question for Jason, I will bring it to him, and share his response. If you'd prefer to email,  please contact me at 

Please note: I've had several people tell me they posted a comment, but I never got it. If you posted a comment you do not see here, please send me an email instead. I only delete comments that are derogatory in nature. 

Thank you!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Turbo Check-in

Occasionally, Jason and I use the word “turbo” in the context of doing something we need to do, but at warp speed. 

After the gym, I may need to take what I call a “turbo shower” before doing something else (in contrast to what I refer to as my “spa shower” – a longer, relaxing one in which I get out all the nice smelly lotions and sea salt scrub and the like. I highly recommend this as a simple stress reliever for you busy moms!). We have turbo runs into the grocery store, or turbo clean-ups of various areas of the house...or, you know, turbo hanky spanky, and today I'm writing a turbo post. You get the idea, and I daresay it's not a unique concept.  

But, we also have certain areas of our D/s dynamic that require focus, and time spent with one another, and one aspect that I've mentioned many times is our daily check-in's. Typically, we have one in the morning which involves going over both my rules and his lap, and in the afternoon or early evening we go over our day. However, our busy lives don't always allow for leisurely or thorough check-in's. We are, after all, raising a family, and the needs of our family come first. 

So today, I wanted to share with you all what I call a “turbo check-in.” 

I'm on my way to the gym, in the early hours of the morning when it's still dark out. Jason sleeps later than I do, and the majority of my exercise is slotted early in the morning. I lay out my workout clothes the day before, and dress for the gym or the track quietly before I have my morning coffee. The other day, before I left, I slipped into the room to tell Jason I was on my way out. 

It was dark, and warm in my bedroom as I approached the bed.

“Leaving for the gym,” I whispered. He rolled over and gestured for me to come over to him. I did. Sitting on the edge of the bed in the dark, I leaned over to kiss his whiskery cheek. He lifted his hand to the nape of my neck – a gesture of strength and ownership I adore – and pulled my ear down so he could whisper. 

“You've got your cell phone?” he asked. 

I nodded. 

“Good girl,” he said softly. “Behave yourself. Drive safely. And come straight back to me when you're done.” 

I murmured my assent, and he kissed me, warm and sexy in that brief interlude between day and night, sleeping and waking. And as I stood up ready to go, he delivered a good-bye swat. 

Turbo check-in, I thought. We didn't have time to go over rules, or the day ahead, and I didn't go over his lap. But just like that, a brief interaction left me feeling cared for, special, and protected, a brief but meaningful reminder that I belong to him.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Slow and Steady

The other morning,  Jason sat on the edge of the bed. 

“Come here, baby,” he said. “I need to check you in.” 

“You know,” I said to him. “When people write to me on the blog, interested or pursuing the lifestyle, you know what the number one thing is they tell me they want? It's not what you'd think. You'd think it was the discipline? No. Most of them want daily check-in's.” 

He nodded, the rod in hand, and as I looked at him I got a little jelly-legged. There's something about those hands – holding a paddle, or his rod, or his belt, while he waits for me to come to him, that make me go all aquiver. I swallowed, and faced him, as he pointed to the floor for me to kneel. 

“I understand that they want this,” he said. “Women need to feel understood. They need to feel that they're important to their man. You have so much on your mind, and it's hard sorting it out sometimes.” 

Yes. Yes, that. Thank you, Jason. 

He reached for my hair, his strong hand going to the crown of my neck, and gently tugging my head back to look at him. “Do you feel that way? Important, understood, and special to me?” 

He knows the answer, but he wants to hear it sometimes. “I do,” I whispered. “So much so. I love that you do this for me.” 

I was in desperate need of a check-in right then. Check-ins are so important to us, as they set us up to have a good day ahead. He says he likes knowing he leaves me in a good place, and that knowledge satisfies him, as well. There's nothing left unsaid, no doubts or uncertainties. Sometimes I even jot things down in my to-do list app he checks (Google Keep) that I need to talk to him about, so I don't forget. He thinks it's cute and that usually draws a smirk (so, naturally, I occasionally put something awfully naughty on the list, too, and he's always very good about making sure that gets done, too.) 

I used to get stress relief often, but I don't need it as much anymore, for many reasons. For guessed it...our check-in's. If I have something that needs to be said, I can say it then. The second reason is because I have a schedule, goals, and a daily to-do list he holds me accountable to. And finally, his ever-present leadership and guidance removes so much stress. Still, though, I need stress relief from time to time, and I'm grateful he's willing to deliver. 

When we checked in that morning, there was so much on my mind. I had things to do, places to go, people to see, and I felt pent up inside. I was keeping my emotions at bay, as I have a tendency to slip out of my submissive place when I'm stressed, and I prefer not to do that. 

He went over my list (and checked it twice, made sure I wasn't naughty, but nice, haha!) and then he patted his lap. 

“Over my knee, little girl.” He prefers the stout tilt wand these days, because it's so quiet and effective. 

It might sound like overkill that he puts me over his knee every day. And for some people, it would be. But I have high needs, and we both find that a daily dose of otk helps keep me submissive. It's not really stress relief, and rarely punishment, but more of a good role reminder. Just yesterday, I was feeling all over the map, and after he spanked me, he grabbed my collar – it's sturdy, a silver necklace that's ever-present – and he twisted it firmly, bringing me close to him. “Remember this,” he said. “Remember who you belong to. You're mine.” And I did. All day, I reached up to touch my collar and remembered his words. 

Remember this. You are mine. 

Over his lap I went. Normally, the very act of putting myself over his knee and submitting that way strips away whatever is bothering me. But that day, he began spanking me, and it was hard and fast, the swats of the rod like hot bee stings, but deeper. I was gasping by the fourth or fifth swat, and squirming. I'm not allowed to control or alter a spanking in any way, but when it's for something like a morning check-in, I'm allowed an opinion or request. “May I have your belt?” or “please, I need more,” are submissive requests he takes into consideration. 

That morning, I felt I needed to process the spanking. Hard and fast had me tensed up, and yes, certainly in my place, where he needs me to be – it's a good reminder of how that spanking will intensify if I misbehave – but I felt the need for something different. “Please,” I said, in between the hard and fast swats. “Today, can you please help me by going slower? I think it would help me.” He paused. 


I nodded, still prone over his lap, my head nestled in my arms on the bed. “It helps me process, when you go slow and steady. Please.” I was fully willing to accept whatever he would give me. It's his call, after all. 

He lifted the rod and brought it down, hard, but not as hard as he does when he punishes me. 


He paused, a few beats in between raising it again, and delivering another hard swat. 


And as he continued, building a slow, steady rhythm, it worked. The knot inside me dissolved. I felt a sigh escape, as I closed my eyes. He continued, hard but slow, patiently delivering the firm spanking I needed, the layers of stress evaporating, a warmth building on my naked skin. Though I find Jason spanking me very erotic, I don't always find a check-in spanking arousing. But his very firm, steady tempo certainly did. I murmured appreciatively. 

“That better, baby?” he asked low. I nodded. 

“Much. Thank you,” I whispered back. 

And he's remembered that often I need slow and steady.

Somehow, the slow, steady, firm delivery of a spanking helps me process what I need to. What needs to be done, my daily aim to grow closer, delve deeper, submit even more. Where my place is and who I am – yes, a strong, capable woman, but thoroughly submissive to the man I love.