Sunday, January 10, 2016

Turbo Check-in

Occasionally, Jason and I use the word “turbo” in the context of doing something we need to do, but at warp speed. 

After the gym, I may need to take what I call a “turbo shower” before doing something else (in contrast to what I refer to as my “spa shower” – a longer, relaxing one in which I get out all the nice smelly lotions and sea salt scrub and the like. I highly recommend this as a simple stress reliever for you busy moms!). We have turbo runs into the grocery store, or turbo clean-ups of various areas of the house...or, you know, turbo hanky spanky, and today I'm writing a turbo post. You get the idea, and I daresay it's not a unique concept.  

But, we also have certain areas of our D/s dynamic that require focus, and time spent with one another, and one aspect that I've mentioned many times is our daily check-in's. Typically, we have one in the morning which involves going over both my rules and his lap, and in the afternoon or early evening we go over our day. However, our busy lives don't always allow for leisurely or thorough check-in's. We are, after all, raising a family, and the needs of our family come first. 

So today, I wanted to share with you all what I call a “turbo check-in.” 

I'm on my way to the gym, in the early hours of the morning when it's still dark out. Jason sleeps later than I do, and the majority of my exercise is slotted early in the morning. I lay out my workout clothes the day before, and dress for the gym or the track quietly before I have my morning coffee. The other day, before I left, I slipped into the room to tell Jason I was on my way out. 

It was dark, and warm in my bedroom as I approached the bed.

“Leaving for the gym,” I whispered. He rolled over and gestured for me to come over to him. I did. Sitting on the edge of the bed in the dark, I leaned over to kiss his whiskery cheek. He lifted his hand to the nape of my neck – a gesture of strength and ownership I adore – and pulled my ear down so he could whisper. 

“You've got your cell phone?” he asked. 

I nodded. 

“Good girl,” he said softly. “Behave yourself. Drive safely. And come straight back to me when you're done.” 

I murmured my assent, and he kissed me, warm and sexy in that brief interlude between day and night, sleeping and waking. And as I stood up ready to go, he delivered a good-bye swat. 

Turbo check-in, I thought. We didn't have time to go over rules, or the day ahead, and I didn't go over his lap. But just like that, a brief interaction left me feeling cared for, special, and protected, a brief but meaningful reminder that I belong to him.


  1. Love the idea of your turbo check in and feeling cared for and special. Wonderful.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thank you! Such a small thing makes such a big difference!

  2. It sounds perfect! Amazing how one short moment can change everything.

  3. I've read everything you have posted now. You have been a great help to a couple of newbies with less than a year under our belt. We have lots of growing pains and you have given lots of great advice and suggestions based in reality.. not the fantasy. Greatly appreciated! Thank you! I dont know how to leave my online name so it's just anonymous but I'll sign here: DW Thanks again for a wealth of information and help!

    1. Dw, I love comments like this. It's why I write, so others can find the happiness that Jason and I have found, and make this lifestyle their own. Best of luck to you!


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