Friday, April 1, 2016

Time for a break!

Hello, everyone! Just a quick note that I'm taking the month of April off from blogging. Occasionally, I just need a little breather sometimes,  and right now I need to put my time and mental energy elsewhere! I didn't want any of you worrying that something was wrong. Everything is fantastic here. I love April! We will celebrate our anniversary this month, and I love spring. I hope to return to blogging refreshed in May!

Meanwhile, I'll also tackle the back log of email in my inbox. I've fallen a bit behind. So if you've written to me, please bear with me.  I'll write soon.

Thank you! Enjoy your April!

Jason's Girl


  1. Likewise for me. So much to read!

  2. Oh no, I love your encouraging posts! Only kidding, have a great anniversary!

  3. J Girl:

    I hope you have a nice break but we will miss you.


  4. Enjoy both your break from blogging and have a very happy anniversary.
    Hugs Lindy

  5. Thank you all! Back to blogging this month. Looking forward to it. <3


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