Monday, July 11, 2016

Short and Sweet

Hello, readers!

So things have gotten a little off kilter this week, since I've been so crazy busy. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I haven't been doing a lot of what keeps me sane. Jason knew this and it wasn't a cause for trouble. He's been cutting me slack because I was so busy. But then finally, he put his foot down. It looked like this.

Jason: "Ok, little girl. You are awfully cute, and I've tried to be lenient with you. But, you know, that's not always what's best for you."

Me: "This is true. I sorta really didn't have a good day. I forgot x, and didn't do y, and really should've done z."

Him: pulls me over and gives me a few really hard spanks. "You see that? That's what's going to happen but much more if tomorrow looks like today."

Phew. What a *relief.* And so, the next day was MUCH better. And we had a fairly telling moment that's really indicative of how this lifestyle works.

I was told under no uncertain terms to come to him with my to-do list in place, my meal plan in place so I wouldn't scarf down the entire delicious bag of trail mix, and to check in on time. I did all that he asked. And after he read through everything, he changed my list up and put it in order.  

 "There," he said. "That's so much better. I've been easy on you but I know this is so much better for you. And I'm much happier now, knowing that you're in a good place."

Boy did that feel good to hear that. It was validating. I'd pleased him. But it pleased me to know that he was happier meeting those needs! That's what really struck me. *He* was happier because *my needs* were met. And I was happier that he helped me.

Then he did what he always did. Got out his magic wand (a reader asked what that's an acrylic tilt wand, similar to a cane but thicker so not quite as severe. We use that mostly, because it's quiet. He rarely uses it hard).

"We've already gone over your rules, little girl. You know what's next." Yup. Bared, and over the knee. 

I asked him ahead of time to please warm me up first, because I really needed a good spanking. He did. Then he proceeded to give me a really thorough spanking. Boy did I need that!

I stuck to my plan and got everything done. It was lovely. And we even got a date in. :)

Short and sweet post, folks. I've got much to do today, traveling this week, and my man is waiting. I'm actually traveling without him, and next week, I'll tell you all how that goes. I miss him already. Wish me luck!


  1. Another great post. Thank you for sharing your journey. My apologies if my question is a repeat of other times. I notice that you are very comfortable asking for a spanking from him. I am trying to know how you asking for this doesn't take the decision making away from him on whether discipline is needed or not? He clearly doesn't see your asking for this as getting in the way of his authority? How does he interpret your asking for this? Thank you for your patience as I try to understand this. I think it is wonderful that you can ask without uncertanity. While you travel, will there be any long distance check ins with him? all the best.

  2. Jgirl, your life is very busy, you notice you are not doing what you need to do for yourself. Do you bring this fact to his attention or does he bring it up? How does that conversation play out? I am at this point. I have done everything he asked me to do but at the cost of myself and well-being. It is now making it hard for me to keep up with all the day to day he wants me to do. So this is why i am curious about how you bring up something or not around your well being.


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