Monday, May 1, 2017

Daddy knows the remedy

Dear readers, I traveled last week, and I'm traveling this coming week, so I am keeping my blog post short today! 

Yesterday, I was really craving the daddy side of Jason. The stress of traveling and the lack of time with one another gets wearying. By this morning, that little voice was whispering to me, "I need my daddy." 

 I held it together like a good girl, but by the time it was check in, I was feeling like this:

He could sense it on me, and he got "the look," and next thing I know, he hauled me over his lap, because this is...

When he was done, the crazy girl jitters were gone, and I was back in submissive head space, sorta like this: 

Have a good one, readers! I'll be back soon. xox


  1. Have a good time and safe travels.
    Lindy xx

  2. This is so me! Hope you are recovered and ready for the week to come 😊


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