Friday, May 12, 2017

Why, hello!

Hello, readers. I’m a bit late in posting on Sunday (šŸ˜‰). I was traveling, and when I came home, there were far too many things to tend to, lots going on with our extended family, and I couldn’t find the time to blog. I am looking forward to my regular-scheduled post on Sunday, in which I relate how things went when I traveled away from Jason (hint: I didn’t handle it as well as I thought I would), and how things have gotten back to where they should be.

As I’m typing this, I have a separate browser open, because I am finishing a writing project. Jason is jamming away in the basement, and my kids are playing outside. My youngest just brought me a freshly-picked flower. It is sunny here but a bit chilly and breezy. Tonight I’ll go out with Maisy and have a bit of pampering. I’m looking forward to it. 

Annnnd... I am sitting on a very sore bottom. Why? Well, Jason likes to keep me in my submissive head space, and truth be told, I much prefer he does. I am happier there, he is happier when I am there, and we all live happily ever after. 

Six days of traveling, and I was so not in my submissive headspace. I felt the crotchety desire to tell him what to do, my domme-brain taking over, and I found it quite hard submitting to him. So what’s a good Dom to do in such a situation? Spank, of course. 

And spank…

And spank…

Yeah, it would be too much for some people, but I have one stubborn little brain, and I needed a good deal “taking down a peg or two” before I was back in my supple submissive state. I didn’t much enjoy it, and tried to ask for mercy, but he knew mercy wasn’t really what I needed. So now it hurts to sit, but mentally, I’m in a much better place. 

“Hi, Daddy,” “Please, daddy,” “Yes, Daddy,” is once again rolling off my tongue. No more stubborn little girl. I suppose those of us who are strong-willed submissives just need a really firm hand. 

I just wanted to check in and say hello, as it’s been a while since I’ve written. Peace is once again reigning, and I’m looking forward to being spoiled on Mother’s Day. But I bet I’ll still be spanked. Let’s just hope I can keep it in good girl territory. šŸ˜‰

With love,
Jason’s Girl (Jane)


  1. Hello, not knowing how you accept this, but I'm Joan and my better half is Joyce. We have been friends since childhood and in our late teens felt this urge that we wanted no one else, so we are married. From the beginning Joyce has taken the lead, got us into troubles many times, both mothers have had to address the problem at times, and insure sitting would remind us to be good. It wasn't long after we knew we needed one another, she brought up my carefree ways and how at times it should be addressed. I agreed, so to this day, she does spank, it hurts, but it is what I need. Both of our mothers know about this and each one have given a nice hairbrush for those times. And yes both mothers have found it necessary to address my faults, Joyce is in agreement and once we get home, she insures I remember. I stand facing the wall, I have been bathed for being naughty. Our sex life is great, the spankings are just something I need.

    1. Well, that is very unique, but to each his or her own. :)

  2. Happy Mothers Day. Looking forward to hearing about the trip.


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