Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Top Twenty

Hey there, readers. I've been knee-deep in school preparation and writing. Things are going great here in "the house of Jason," as one friend puts it. I've been a good girl and he's keeping me at an even keel. He was sick last week but much better now, and focused on helping me stay sane with all I've got going on. (Thank you, Jason!) 

I'm excited about hitting the one million hits mark on this blog! As of this post, we're just around 998,000. 

Thanks to Baker for the idea to put together the top twenty posts on this blog!

I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane. Here they are, in ascending order, the number one post of all time topping out at nearly 100,000 page reads... scroll to find out which one that is. 😉

NOTE: The links weren't working. My fault. All fixed!

Honorable Mention, not in the top twenty but the one people write to me about most often: 

 The Three Stages of a Dominant/Submissive Dynamic

And now for the top twenty countdown!

20. Collaring 

19. Yes, Daddy 

18. (my personal favorite) His Belt

12. Weirdos

8. Craving Discipline: part one

And the number one post of all time, with well over 90,000 page views? 

1. How to give your goodgirl her Good Girl Spanking


  1. I was honored to make the list, you write so well . . .

    1. Thank you, artlover! You deserve to be on the list. :)


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