Monday, February 12, 2018

Attention, please!

Do I have your attention? ;)

A few months ago, I found myself really needy for a spanking. A blog commenter here wondered if I needed some higher expectations. I sort of shrugged and wondered myself, then ran it by Jason. He listened, shook his head while I knelt in front of him and said, "No. What you need is more attention from your Daddy."

He knows me so well, it's scary sometimes. He's one of those people that studies things, understands them, and then masters them. I, apparently, have been an object of study to him. He knows when I need attention, when I need rest, when I need a little pampering, and when I need a good session over his knee.

I came to him when I was feeling very needy and said, "I really, really could use a session over your knee."

He chuckled, shook his head, and said, "Oh, honey. You really, really do."

It's surprising what a little attention can do for us.

Around this time of year, our New Year's Resolutions begin to wane. Some of us have committed to more consistent DD or D/s dynamics. It's mid-February and the gung-ho excitement of early January has faded. Now it's when the real change happens. 

It's when we discipline ourselves to push past comfortable that real change happens. 

Today, Jason asked me to check in with him. I did not want to. I had been up for five hours already by the time we had privacy. I had such a long to-do list, I literally ran out of lines on my planner. I had things to do. I was dying for a second cup of coffee. He locked the door, grabbed an implement and pointed to the floor. 

My initial reaction was no. I didn't want to. I knew where that would end up very quickly, so I was smart enough to get on my knees even though I didn't want to. We went over my rules. Then I went over his knee. He spanked me long and hard. He knew I needed this. I was stressed, and it was Monday. Lots on my mind. And he knows that a good spanking calms me down. Then when he was done, he said, "And if you need me today, come to me." 

I felt so much better. So much better. 

Sometimes all we need is some more attention. 

Today, I have a challenge for you. 

Some of you know you need more consistency, but you don't know how to get it. Add more rules? More consequences? How do you begin this, anyway? How do you pick it back up again after you've had a hiatus? How do you keep it going when you stagnate? 

Here's the challenge: Commit to a focused maintenance night or session once a week for three months, no exception. 

Find time for each other by committing to this one small change that could bring the focus back to where you need it: on each other. Commit to doing this every week, even when you don't want to do. It's amazing how a little bit of attention can really go a long way. 


  1. I really appreciate the suggestion at the end, especially when coming back from a hiatus. That has been me and Sir, and while things ahve been good D/s wise, life's a rollercoaster.

  2. Hi Jane, nice post, good idea!
    love Jan, xx


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