Sunday, March 4, 2018

Checking in!

Hi, readers. I apologize I've been MIA! We went on an impromptu trip last week (which was lovely and needed!) and then this week I pulled my back out. Not fun. It's why I'm behind in posting and replying to comments (apologies! I enjoy engaging with readers and will when my brain can handle it!). I'm on pain meds that make it difficult to write, and hopefully can be back into the swing of things next week or the week after (no spanking for me -- ::sniff!:: Even Jason said yesterday how he misses spanking me). In good news, Jason and the kids are taking very good care of me.

In the meantime, go on over and check out Dan the Disciplined Hubby's blog. He and I are going to be blogging together on our respective blogs, focusing on the same topic. We thought it would be interesting to explore topics from the female and male submissive perspective. More to come. 


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