Advice from the Trenches

I'm no expert. I'm just figuring things out, like everyone else. But I've written some of my personal experiences and opinions here that maybe some readers can relate to. I've been told by others that these posts were helpful, so I put together a list of advice from the trenches.

How Do I Tell My Partner I Want DD?

How To Give a Good Girl Spanking 

How Can I Encourage His Dominance?

How Do I Tell Him What I Need?

The Power of A Role Affirmation Spanking

To Those Who Are Struggling

Submission Exercises

Paddles and straps and canes, oh my! (The implement post)

Sex and Discipline: Should they be separated?

Two Simple Words: May I?

How To Repair Trust

Topping From The Bottom: Who's In Control?

Why Do I Want to be Punished? (guest post on ADDS)

Different Kinds of Spankings

Spanking in Anger

DD and Family Life: Finding the Balance

A Good Dom

Why DD Makes a Man Feel Ten Feet Tall When Taking Out the Garbage

What if He Says No? (When your partner refuses a D/S dynamic)

Internet Safety

Dear Dom/Hoh/Guy with the Paddle

On Consistency:  Consistently Consistent (part one)

But What If He Doesn't Notice? Consistently Consistent (Part two)

How to Make This Work When You're Not Alone

The Beauty of No (guest post by Maisy Archer)

It Takes Time 

Goal Setting in a D/s Relationship


Scheduling (answers to questions asked)

The Three Stages of a Dominant/Submissive Relationship

Heart, Mind, and Body

Taking Down My Walls

A Dominant Has Needs, Too

Ten Excellent Ways to Complicate Your Relationship

Anger Issues

Long-Distance Domming

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